Inventory Management

Action Integrated Supply Chain material management

As an industry leader, Action supports organizations of all sizes and business sectors with material and inventory management. We place the highest emphasis on continually having the right components and assemblies in stock or within scheduled delivery.

Action uses proven processes to reduce inventory acquisition and carrying costs. We understand supply chains and maximize the value of inventory management. Our custom programs reduce inventories speeding up production times.

In accordance with the manufacturing lean efficiency model, we will develop customized programs including Blanket Order, Kan Ban, MCI (Managed Consignment Inventory), SMI (Supplier Managed Inventory) or JIT ( Just in Time ) strategy to support our customers needs, providing the greatest Return On Investment for your inventory carrying spend. In fact in 2007, Action’s efforts as a 3PL supplier with a major defense customer enabled them to win the coveted Northeast Shingo Prize for lean operational excellence.

This optimization integrates all facets of the manufacturing process:

  • Prototype
  • First run design
  • Custom builds
  • Full production

Action’s Inventory Management Matrix

Program Type Volume Demand Inventory Buffer Stock* Forecast
Item(s) Procurement No Requirements Limited to order amount and secondary demand Not Required Not Needed
Kitting Small or Large
High or Low frequency
Recommended based on pull levels and frequency As requested based on needs and turn Depends on program type
Kan Ban Small or Large
High or Low frequency
Based on standard quantity pulls and frequency As requested based on demand Yes
Consignment Small or Large
High or Low frequency
Based on lead time demands As requested based on needs Yes
Blanket Order Open Based on selection and demand Available upon request Yes

*Buffer Stock refers to excess inventory above forecasted inventory levels, in support of unplanned demand increases to protect against item shortages


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