Division Relationships

Supply Chain BuyersBuyers/Purchasing Agents

Buyers have an intimate knowledge of the procurement process and are well acquainted with the time required to source, negotiate, and process paperwork for multiple items from multiple vendors.

Purchasing agents look to Action for effective consolidation and time saving purchasing solutions.

Organizations simply provide us with a Bill Of Material and requested delivery instructions along with specific shipping details.

Action does all the rest.

Material Manager Services

Material Managers/Specialists

Working to your supplier metrics Action makes your organization’s procurement, inventory management, and delivery system requirements move smoothly optimizing your staff’s efforts in a more cost effective way. We partner with you and act as an extension of your business while conserving your resources.

Supply Chain Engineering Staff

Engineering Staff

Engineers often need hard to find and single source parts in the design, proto-type, and test phase of project development. Action’s experience knowing the nuances of the industry helps expedite design to production without down time or missing key component issues.

Supply Chain Procurement Manager Services

Procurement Managers

With the responsibility is to manage multiple procurement functions across a broad spectrum of divisions including multiple geographical locations, procurement manager rely on Action’s support with single point of contact for seamless efficiency regardless of BOM size or final destination.

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Managers

Our range of services supporting the entire supply chain function has grown over the years, but the key to Action’s success is in the customization to meet your needs.

  • Material Management
  • Supply Chain Speed
  • Lean Manufacturing Support
  • Procurement Consolidation
  • Waste Minimization
  • Preserving Value
  • Delivery Management
  • Effective Expenditure of Resources Support

Combined with Inventory Management programs including Kan Ban, Managed Consignment  Inventory, (MCI) Blanket and Buffer Stock, Action removes the bureaucracy that can hinder mission-critical projects.

Supply Chain Finance Management Teams

Cost Reduction/Finance Management Teams

The competitiveness of today’s business requires a keen focus to cost management.

Action provides our customers with real cost exposure and identifies ways to support cost saving initiatives without sacrificing time or end results.

This is a critical in functions for financial officers when executing a fiduciary responsibility to their organization.