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Customer Profile: Raytheon

A 14 year partnership working with Raytheon divisions in 9 states,17 locations and 5 countries on mission critical support to the war fighter and national security. A partnership built on respect and integrity to meet all Raytheon’s organizational goals and objectives.

Supplier Performance Relationship Report

A 4-Star Supplier Excellence Award from Raytheon having procured 454,742 individual parts over the last 12 months with a 98% delivery rate and 99.5% quality rating.

Quality Rating Delivery Rating
1 Month Rating: 99.8% 12 Month Rating: 98.0%
3 Month Rating : 99.8%
12 Month Rating: 99.5% Overall Rating =
Parts Received 454,742

Key Highlights

Major program support includes:
– Patriot UAE – Patriot Taiwan
– Patriot Saudi – RAID
– RAID C2 Shelter – GBOSS
– Global Radar Programs – JLENS


We dovetail to Raytheon’s supply chain needs by offering:
– Streamlined purchasing activity
– Less product handling
– Waste minimization
– Reduced paperwork
– Single point of contact
– Vendor consolidation
– Cost reduction along the supply chain
– Genuine components guaranteed


7 person support team including:
– Dedicated Lead Project Manager
– Frequent site visits to review project status and process innovation meetings
– Dedicated Customer Care Staff
– Customer 1 Service Hot Line



To continue our award winning history to consistently deliver seamless excellence in the areas of:
Cost • Speed • Quality • Delivery • Accuracy

Action always molds themselves to fit Raytheon’s needs. Every project is handled with care and has been customized to the most detailed specification with the end customers’ needs in clear focus.

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