Reducing Material Overhead through Value-added Consolidation

Material Overhead

According to, Material Overhead is defined as “Cost attributable to purchasing, receiving, handling, storing, and delivering materials used in assembly or production processes.

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In other words, it is the loss of profit caused by buying, handling, storing (and possibly scrapping) every little thing in your build list.

Inefficient buying, delays, carrying costs, and too many people handling the same product represents non-value-added processes which is a total waste of resources.

When you engage Action as a single point of contact for the kitting and consolidation of materials for your build, you are pushing those processes onto our company.

We can be more efficient as a Just-In-Time  value delivery package, logistically moving materials to various points of use around the globe.

Your flow through and profit will increase as your delays and wastes decrease.

Isn’t it worth a few moments to see if Action is your solution?

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