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 Why should you partner with Action?

Even in 2014, material overhead is a issue. The cost of bringing in all the production material into the house and onto the floor adds a layer of cost that most executives would like to see reduced. When you partner with Action Electronics, you immediately reduce your material overhead as you shift those activities to us.

We deliver the job, ready to build. We add value to your bottom line with kitted materials, on-time delivery, reasonable prices, and a personal touch. Shrinkage and wrong product become a thing of the past. Sub-processes are completed before kitting. We become a virtual part of your organization.

Since 1990 our company has had the original owners, low overhead, dedicated team of committed employees, personal relationships, and sustainable, trustworthy partnerships with our customers and suppliers.

  • Materials Consolidation
  • Component Kitting
  • Manufacturing Front End Services
  • Reduction of Material Overhead
  • A Real Partner In Bottom-line Profit

Try us on a project today; we will deliver satisfaction per your specifications!

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