New Action ISCS Initiative Heightens Supply Chain Safety

When it comes to ensuring the security of your Supply Chain process, some companies will do the minimum that’s required to protect the quality of your products. At Action ISCS, we not only fulfill the minimum requirements, we do more.

In addition to adhering to the standards of AS 9100 Rev D & ISO-9001:2015 Action ISCS uses its own specially developed protocol to ensure that every product received from a new supplier meets the specified requirements for the job order, the first time and every time.

Called First Time Supplier (FTS), the protocol is a proprietary Quality Note developed by Action ISCS to ensure the safety and security of your Supply Chain process. It requires that every time an order is received from a first-time supplier, a senior member of the Action ISCS warehouse staff does a top-to-bottom inspection of the product to ensure it has the necessary documentation, that the count is accurate, that the product is in excellent condition, and that the shipment is correct in every way.

If a discrepancy is discovered in any area, Action ISCS sends a Corrective Action Request to the supplier to identify where the process broke down and to ensure the error is corrected and that a mechanism is implemented to prevent the problem from recurring. Only after we are satisfied that the supplier’s remedy will work and that subsequent shipments will arrive as specified will we consider a new supplier to be an approved supplier for Action ISCS.

FTS is another way that Action ISCS serves customers by reducing costs, increasing productivity, and ensuring the safety, quality and reliability of your products throughout the Supply Chain process.


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