From Chaos to Control

Let Action ISCS bring Chaos under Control

Racked KitsIf you are having issues with multiple-level bills of material with continuous up-revs, and changing delivery locations, disorderly delivery packaging, unlabeled material, lack of order in presentation, difficulty for operator to locate materials quickly, and frequent scrapping of waste and over-inventorying; this is chaos!

Action ISCS’s strength is helping to settle bills of material, customize bin and rack presentations that can roll down the production line with the operator, place materials in a pre-assigned place on the rack for operator ease, make JIT delivery to the production location to save cost of ownership and scrap; this is control!

The Action difference is that our customers feel that we are a department of their company. We mold ourselves to fit their requirements, not the other way around. We create the most seamless work product possible to benefit both companies. Ultimately, the goal is to serve the end customer with a competitively-priced, perfectly produced and presented product and service.

Enough talk! Time for Action!

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