Action ISCS Adds Value to Kitting With Customized Bags

When you need kitted products that integrate seamlessly into your manufacturing process, you need the services of Action Integrated Supply Chain Solutions (Action ISCS).

Kitting with Customized BagsOur precision kitting services provide exactly counted and labeled materials that are delivered on time and in the quantities you need.

We don’t stop there. Action ISCS provides value-added customized, pre-printed bags that extend your brand and present your products in a clean, accurately counted and loaded package.

Action ISCS’s bags are made of durable polyethylene film and come in different thicknesses and sizes. Heat-sealed to ensure safe transit of your products, they are perfect for kitting OEM-ready hardware kits, accessories, instruction sheets, MSDS sheets, and more. Using our onsite printing and bagging process, Action ISCS customizes your bags to your specifications so they look like they came from your company – even though your workforce never touched them.

Action ISCS’s custom printed bags are versatile. Use them for shipping screws, nuts, standoffs, and more. With your logo, bar code, date stamp or other information printed on them, these bags support your brand and present your products in a professional manner.

If you have a job that’s not appropriate for automated bagging, Action ISCS also provides high quality hand kitting services for your packaging and shipping needs.Kitting Options

Customized, pre-printed bags are another way Action ISCS helps customers in aerospace, automotive, commercial, defense, electronics, government, medical/life sciences, and telecommunications save time and money with innovative supply chain solutions that increase efficiency and improve the bottom line. If you have a project that requires high quality kitting and bagging, contact us at or 800.834.4605 to learn what Action ISCS can do for you.

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