Quality Policy

Action Electronics, Inc. Quality Policy

AS9100D: 2016

Action ISCS’s management is committed to provide service and products that will meet or exceed customer expectations at competitive price and meet or exceed all statutory and regulatory requirements and any other requirements to which Action ISCS subscribes.

Action ISCS management also is committed to monitoring, reporting and analysis of quality indicators, which provide the feedback for continuous quality improvement of the Quality Management System. We believe that this quality policy provides the framework that enables the company to establish realistic quality objectives. We review this Quality Policy regularly to ensure continued suitability and communicate the policy and any amendments to the entire organization.

In order to ensure the quality policy and objectives we have established Action ISCS supports a fully integrated Documented Quality Management System, which is independently assessed by a third party. Ultimate responsibility for the operation of this quality system rests with the President.

The Documented Quality System ensures that the Company can fulfill contractual obligations by:

1. Ensuring that all activities, which directly affect the quality of service, are carried out under controlled conditions.
2. Providing up-to-date instructions and training to all personnel together with the promotion of quality awareness.

The President/Quality Management Representative and Director of Operations ensure that this policy is communicated, understood and implemented at all levels in the organization.

Quality Objectives:
Action Electronics, Inc. management team will establish quality objectives which support the firm’s quality policy. These objectives will be measurable. Results will be tracked and reviewed periodically as part of the ongoing management review process. Objectives will be revised and/or new ones established as appropriate to support the quality policy. Current objectives and their status can be found in the minutes of the most recent Management Review Meeting.

Our quality assurance system concentrates on providing:

  1. defect-free products to our customers,
  2. on-time and in-full delivery of our products,
  3. continual improvement to all aspects of our quality assurance system.

Date: 19 July 2017