What is Action’s signature service?

Kitting! “Bringing it all together” means performing supply chain functions after design but before the build, in a more cost-effective manner, saving your company dollars directly to the bottom line.

How does Action save the customer time and cost?

By the customer outsourcing purchasing, receiving, inventorying, kitting (pulling parts, labeling, modifying), bagging and racking, accounting, and the cost of money to Action, the customer pays for only the materials they receive just in time for the build.

Does Action offer any other process-controlled functions?

Yes, ActionISCS can control the modification of component A into component B, rolling up the costs along the way, and saving the customer even more time and money. This works well in conjunction with Kitting where the customer wants the modified component put into the kit.

What about Quality Control?

Action is registered to ISO9001-2015 and As9100D . We take the quality of our work and our product quite seriously. Check the Quality Assurance page for our certificate and our manual.

What is Action’s general business philosophy?

Action ISCS will mold ourselves to fit the demands of our manufacturing customers’ needs. Our customers create our menu. We say “How can we line up our process to meet yours so that it becomes seamless?” Our total focus is on completing the job correctly and on time.

Why choose Action ISCS?

Most of our customers lament that they have too many suppliers. A good way to procure your incoming material and reduce overhead, floor space, and cash outlays is to consolidate using Action as your partner.


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